Threat assessments & active threat management Threat assessment/case management with HR professionals in the public & private sectors Assisted termination/layoff of high risk employees Threat assessment/case management of students/personnel in educational settings Threat assessment/case management with private security firms; surveillance, executive protection & protective services Threat assessment/case management with high profile & high asset individuals/families Development/implementation of Workplace Violence Prevention Programs with organizations throughout the United States Threat Management Team development & implementation in the private, corporate, public and school arenas Case management with medical, mental health & legal professionals Expert testimony & consultation in civil, Labor & Employment, restraining/protective orders & family law arenas CA WIC Code § 8103 Evaluations

Seminars & Presentation Topics

Targeted Violence, Threat Assessments & Active Shooter Response Strategies for Civilians Workplace Violence: When is a Threat Really a Threat? Workplace Violence Prevention: Recognition & Management of Problematic Behaviors Components of a Professional Threat Assessment Professional Threat Assessments for 730 Child Custody Evaluators Workplace Violence Prevention & Intervention School-based Threat Assessments & Violence Prevention Psychotic, Predatory & Problematic Behaviors in the Workplace: Recognition & Response Threats, Lies & Digital Predators Digital Malice: Emergent Predatory Behaviors Digital Threats in the Workplace: Considerations for HR and Risk Management Professionals Data-jacking Prevention & Digital Confidentiality in the Digital Age Advanced Interviewing Techniques for Problematic Situations Domestic Violence in the Workplace Unwanted Pursuit/Stalking: Personal Safety and Security Considerations for Executives and Professionals

Restraining Orders & Forms

1. Restraining Orders: General Information - Superior Court of California: County of Orange 2. Workplace Violence Restraining Orders - California Courts, The Judicial Branch of California


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